Solution for cover art

Sanse Mp3 Art Sizer is a free software that can resize all the cover art in batch (250x250)

Not necessarily a solution.  Doesn’t handle .wma files.

mp3 have a best quality to listen, wma is better for compression but on a fuze+ there is enough place =, I have 6000 mp3 192kps (on a fuze+ 16Go+32 Go) and all songs have art cover 250x250 … I have yet 15 giga

I convert wih itunes in mp3 ( I erase the tag 1 with godfather, and put tag 2,3 with itunes)

I use mp3gain and Encspot

Maybe post some info ?

Did you make the program yourself ?

I don’t think im interested i do everything manualy with Adobe Fireworks

but thanks for sharing

It’s not my program, it’s useful when you have very much songs with problems to see the cover art, it is a problem of tag, the program re-record the same image in 250x250 and you can see it.

But you can do it yourself one by one like you do if you have time ^^