software updater

hi, i am helping my prtner with his sansa clip 8GB

current software version is V02.01.32F

using sansa updater where i see the new version 2.01.35 is available, however when I try to install it says that download failed.

any idea?

or how to download files onto it, so he can learn italian from the audiobook? )

thanks, R

Download, extract and install the firmware file manually from the stickied post at the top of the board. It’s the 4th one down in the gray area. You don’t need the Updater.

But having said that, I doubt whether there’s anything in it that is going to magically help your partner download and play audible files from it. Audible files usually require transfer in MTP mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode). Maybe that’s his/her problem?

I thin that might have been it. It needs to be in MTP mode. Although I have to try this for myself first.