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Hey, I usually use Songbird to play and organise all my media and previously I have just used the drag and drop method of getting media onto my sansa. However, this was getting pretty tiring and annoying as my music collection grows so I decided to try and sync with Songbird, only to find that it won’t sync all my music over the sd card and internal memory, which is really annoying. Does anyone know of any software that will do this so that I can just transfer all my music automatically? Or is there a way to do it in Songbird?

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You have to sync to the player’s internal memory and external memory card separately. They are 2 physically different locations. There’s no software that will just fill up the player, then automatically switch over and start copying to the card. Besides, it can’t know what files you want to put where.

I use Songbird with my Fuze. I sync using the FolderSync add-on and it works perfectly.

I create a playlist for each the internal and external locations and then just choose which to sync.

I just give each a name realted to what location it mounts as, eg. Fuze and Fuze3.

I think you may be able to set it up to sync multiple locations in one click but I haven’t tried that.


Who’s to say that a piece of software could not exist or be created which would give the ability to treat a device with internal and external memory as one device. Why does it have to know where to put the files? Couldn’t it just go in alphabetical order filling up the internal memory and then continuing onto the external memory?  There quite possibly isn’t a piece of software out there that does this currently, but you speak about this as if it is an absolute impossibility. Surely it’s a fairly logical and beneficial feature to implement?

If anyone is interested, I created a feature suggestion for songbird: clicky

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csavery -

that is a possibility, but then if you have new media, you have to alter the play list manually. Surely if you have to do that, it would just be easier to use the drag and drop method of putting media on the device…

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I’m not sure what you mean. I just have a playlist for each media device. The only difference I think is that I have several playlists instead of one. It works for me because I tend to put different types of music on each media, eg. classical on Fuze, Rock/Other on Fuze3. If I change my playlist then I just sync it and it’s updated. If I add new media I would add another playlist or sync a current one if I want to use the new media as a replacement for the old media.

I’m sure having one master playlist would be a bit easier, but not too much in my way of using it. I find this much easier than drag-and-drop because I can just useMediaFlow to browse the playlist and then hit the sync button.

One way to do what you want would be a simple songbird add-on that can break up a playlist into multiple preset size dependent temp playlists just for syncing, do the sync using FolderSync, and then remove the temp lists. Of course, it would do this in the background so you don’t see how it achieves the goal - it would just look like a sync to the user.

On Linux there are “union” filesystem tools which allow combining two devices into one. They are generally used for making readonly media writeable (copy-on-write) but may support overflow writing onto secondary media. But my guess is you’re not on Linux…and I don’t know for sure that it would work.

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What I mean is that I want it to just sync automatically and update my Fuze when I add new songs to Songbird, for example when I purchase a new CD. If I was to use playlists, I would have to manually edit the correct playlist to include the new songs and then re-sync them. In my eyes, this is more inconvenient than just dragging a few new songs onto the device. I’m not on Linux unfortunately.

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