So, No computer at home now what?

Will Public Libraries allow some one to download mp3s to an mp3 device?

Probly depends on the library- you’ll have to ask them.

I’ve done mine at work. Since with music, audio books, podcats, you don’t need software, just plug it in, and use WMP so you may not have a problem there.  Or you might be able to find a friend who is willing to let you move music to your MP3.

Mine won’t let you load/download anything at all!!! They say that they have had to many issues with people downloading tape worms and virus’s at the end that kills the computer when they restart the computer so they tell you this every time I ask or anyone else and you won’t believe how many people come in asking this very question. So you and about a million other people have been thinking out loud with one another and the Stallag 13 librarian says " To The Kooler with this one Sgt. Schultz " (Speaking with a Heavy German Accent there along with the squinting of the Right eye with my monocle)…MUHAHAHAHAHA…!

Where you able to work this out?

Check the Fuze message board on here for accessories you can use to charge and play your Fuze in your car and at home.

You’d be surprised how nasty viruses can get.

we had 4 super-tech guys working for close to a week cleaning up the mess one caused on our network…