So I like my new Sansa Fuze 4GB

Bought it yesterday - mainly because of the ability to expand storage.

Use it exclusively for music - no video / radio or photo usage. 

Only bit is the battery life - but playing VBR ripped WMA files could be the cause.

Overall money well spent IMO.

I like mine too.

My battery life is pretty good.  Sometimes I charge in the morning before work, listen to all morning at work (I don’t play around with it much, usually shuffle all and skip some songs) then I usually charge during my lunch hour at work and it lasts all afternoon.

I agree on money well spent.  I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on an MP3 when I planned to use it for music, books, podcasts (then I figured out converting movies and liked that for a while until the novelty wore off).  I didn’t know about the expandable memory when I was looking for one, but LOVE that too.