snasa e250 firmware installation problam

i have rockbox on my sansa e250 right now, but i want to go back to the original sandisk firmware.

updater does not recognize my player,

i cant get in to recovery mode, nothing happins when i put it on hold and press the rec key or center key while starting or pluging it in computer, i get a message saying “hold switch on shutting down”


You can boot into the OF at any time with Rockbox installed simply by pressing and holding the REW |<< button while booting up.

Are you sure you have a v1 model? If you have a v2, there won’t be any Recovery Mode so that may be your problem.

Yes, I have v2,     does that mean I have no hope?

Thank you very much, it worked as a charm, I got the original firmware back

thanks again 

Great!!! :smiley: