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I have 4 e280s syncing to the same computer using 4 (me+3kids) windows sign-ons.  Windows Media Player handles this fine.  SMC seems  to only allow one e280, the first one that was used. While logged on with a kid account, SMC reports no device connected eventhough Windows says it is connected.  The 3 that do not work also do not have a USBMode on the settings menu.  I think I read that this was a firmware issue I may need to update.  Could the two be related?  Is there a way to make SMC recognize multiple devices?

SMC allows each device to act as a plain ole’ disk drive-

Sounds like the firmware should be updated first. You can put the hold switch ON, then hold the << (left/rewind) button while you plug a player into your computer and it will default into MSC mode.  Update the firmware on each one.

When they’re updated you can choose MSC mode. My player works best if it’s turned on first before plugging it into the computer.

Then you can drag/drop files (music/video) onto the player like it’s a disk drive, and SMC seems to work better then too. (Connect the sansa THEN open SMC.)

Thanks for your response.  I will try to get the update on tonight.  I always connect the sansa then open smc, but usually it is off. 

I finally got around to updating the firmware on all three that needed updating.  That was effortless.  SMC still does not recognize that the player is connected.  No matter what usb mode is set, auto, msc mfp.  Also, I cannot seem to drag and drop a video file to the player.  Or, it does not recognize.  The drag and drop works, but when I turn the player on, only the demo video is there.  The file is a quicktime file (.mov).  I ran it through SMC and took the converted file, but no dice.  Any ideas?