SMC Version 1.0 B004.220CDG

I have the Sansa model Number E280 V2. I had to download the software so I can use this thing for video’s and other things. Great item, but no software :cry:

So far I keep getting the following errors:

  1. Once and a while a file fail. AVI. Yet it seems to be only about 1% to 20% failure. I try again and it may keep or still fail.

  2. It says I need a Codec but yet I have it and my Windows Media Player 11 running Win XP can play the file with no problems, thus I know 100% that the codec is there and that it works 100% without errors. The file is MP4.

People says that my disk that came with it has the software… Well then where is it? All this is on the disk is “Adobe Arobat Reader installer downlod (yup that is correct, if you click on it you have to download it. Good thing I have pro version already)” and “User Guide”. If you read the user guide it will tell you were to download the program you need so your player can have videos and photos and such. If you people know where it is on the disk then by all means tell me the exact place to look.

They USED to put it on a disc, but it was a version even worse than the one people are having problems with.