SMC stalling when converting and transfering

Ok so I have a Sansa Fuze V02.01.09A my pc is running windows vista. I know I need to up date the Fuze to the newer firmware but NOT using the Sansa updater. I converted a FLV file  to WMV. I placed them on the SMC and cut the video into sections ( I like that function). After I hit convert it stalls while converting the first video.  Does anybody hae any idea what might be the problem? one of the things I am thinking it might be is when I converted from FLV to WMV I set it to a high quality that might be a problem correct?

Check out the Firmwire updater on the Fuze Forum, The first post actually has the step by Step instructions.

I already updated the firm ware with no joy…I was able to transfer a short avi file. But I want to be albe to transfer WMV that are about 2 hours each.

Where in the process is it hanging up?  I work with .VOB files and convert using the last version of SMC (not 2.5) and often the process hangs when transferring to my Fuze.  Look in the Temp folder assigned in SMC (Tools>Options>Temp Folder) and see if your .avi files are there.  I often have to drag and drop them to my microSD card, but they work fine.