SMC just not consistant so no real solution

I see everyone struggling to figure out what program to use, what format to convert to, but we are assuming that the SMC behaves the same always and it doesnt.

I had a vid, 2min 30 secs long, of fallout 3 gameplay I had got from  Legit vid, made for Ipods.   I use SMC to put on Fuze and when I go to watch it, I get Unsupported Format error.     I transfer 4 or 5 of vids from same site, this one among them and 3 work fine, the other 2 which this is one, give Unsupported Format errors.  I dont give up, I try again, this time transferring same vid to the micro card which is not a sandisk card, by the by, and finally for no apparent reason it works just fine.

I can transfer an entire library of video podcasts, 10 or 12 episodes, all roughing same length and format and file size, and I promise that 4 or 5 will not work for some unknown reason.

Its enough to make you pull your hair out.

Which is why I chose to abandon Sansa’s chosen software for media conversion. Just isn’t even worth using. Winavi is my top choice.

I have seen that drag and drop just won’t work for video.  I would love the simplicity of drag and drop.

 Does Winavi give that ability? 

 I tried using rhapsody and it was hit and miss as well.   With format errors and lack of format support.

There has got to be an easier way.  Do you think Rockbox will cure our ills?

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Yes, winavi allows you to drag and drop videos to the player without having to convert with SMC. Yes, I hope rockbox solves the Fuze’s problems completely. The only thing that will have to remain constant, is that video will have to be converted down to a small enough resolution to play.