SMC converting, computer went to sleep mode, now it won't work

Hey guys,

I was able to get SMC working on my videos, and during one long period of uploading, my computer went into sleep mode, and when i came back, it was stuck at 5%. I canceled out of the operation, tried again with the same video and it wouldn’t work. I tried all the standard troubleshooting techniques (reconnected fuze, uninstalled/reinstalled SMC, restarted my comp., basically everything) and it always stays stuck at 0% now. It works on the preview screen but when I try uploading it just stays at 0%. Some other videos have worked, some haven’t (ie. been stuck at 0% as well), but I’m getting pretty frustrated. Anyone else had this problem or got any ideas? I feel like this program is so one-dimensional that if something goes wrong, it’s tough to do any kind of troubleshooting with it.