SMC Codec

I have a 4GB Fuze and I love it but I cannot get SMC to convert a .wmv file. Everytime I try it says that the codec isn’t right or the file is corrupted. The file is the bonus digital copy of the Dark Knight, it runs fine on the computer but when I try to add media it gives me the error and won’t do it. I’ve cleaned the file out and then put it back on my computer, the file seems to be fine.

Where can I find the correct codec?

You may find this interesting, as it pertains to the same movie. According to this, it may be DRM-ecrypted/crippled and you may be SOL.

Also this thread may (or may not) be of help.

I tried to rip both discs- neither worked. I can drag and drop it but it gives me a warning basically saying that it will be unable to run it on my player. I only need to convert it. Can Windows Media do that? And if not, is there some program I could buy that can convert wmv to MP4? It souds like SMC would work but I don’t have the codec and downloading quicktime player didn’t work either. I love the product for everything except videos but this is frustrating and I am seriously considering taking it back and getting the Ipod equivalent.

Thanks for your help so far.