SMC can't see Fuze

Having some difficulties w/ SMC and my Fuze

Player is detected by PC (Win XP SP2, DivX, Quicktime, WMP all updated). I’m able to browse folders, etc, but when I open SMC the Fuze is not detected by SMC

Window at top-left remains grayed out & “available space” remains at 0. Convert button remains gray because the app can’t see a destination for the files

Have tried in both USB modes. Have also removed and reinstalled SMC (twice)! Any thoughts? Thanks

So you plugged the Fuze in first?  Then opened SMC?


OK… Fixed. In MTP mode this morning I got a pop-up balloon that I hadn’t had before saying that there was a problem w/ the USB driver, and when I updated the driver from the player (per windows XP help) SMC found the player OK. Doesn’t work in MSC mode (which is what i’ll use most of the time) but that’s OK.