(Sorry Yandex-translation) What indicators are SMART should cause alarm?

                                           Какие показатели СМАРТ должны вызывать тревогу?


Media Wear Out Indicator - ?

The SanDisk SSD dashboard has a SMART tool built in and it will show a green check or a red x for life indicators. I would recommend useing the sandisk tool for SMART checks. 

Now I have a SanDisk SSD dashboard 1.1.1. Parameter Smart Media Wear Indicator = 0.10%. In previous versions it was = 0.3 … 0.6% ?

Fro what i can tell the media wearout is based off the number of writes done so if you are doing a lot of writes it technically is wearing out the drive. that said .1% is still pretty low. i would just keep an eye on it and if it is not drastically changing you will be fine. 

 I wanted to say that in versions 1.0.3, 1.1.0, parameter SMART Media Wear Out Indicator proportionally increased according to the number recorded on the disc ( 0.1 %…0.6 % ), and in version 1.1.1 MWI = 0.1 % and does not change, although  Total GB Written = 630 GB.

Я хотел сказать, что в версиях  1.0.3  и  1.1.0, параметр Smart Media Wear Out Indicator пропорционально увеличивался с увеличением количества записанного на диск ( 0.1 %…0.6 % ), а в версии 1.1.1 MWI = 0.1 % и не изменяется, хотя на диске уже записано 630 GB.

in the release notes it states that it was incorrectly calculating this indicator prior to 1.1.1

Thanks for the answers. If MWI = 1 %, Total GB Written = ?


173 / AD - Average Erase Cycle = 30, 60…3000.

230 / E6 - Percentage Total P/E Count  = 1%, 2%…100%

from what i understand it is not a 1 for 1 calculation. you cant say 1% MWI = XGB written really. Other than that i dont think  sandisk has released any more info on this SMART value.