Small suggestion for update

I’ve had my Fuze since Christmas, and it easily beats the 2 other music players I’ve had.

Anyway, I heard the next firmware update may be coming out soon, and I have a small idea for it.

This is somewhat useless, but I would like it: have a short sound play when shutting down or booting up. Perferably, it would be any sound the user uploads.

Assuming that it’s doesn’t un-configure the sound during shutdown when it says “Goodbye”, I think it would be rather easy to implement.

I’m all about customization, which is why I’m suggesting this. Also, I just found this forum, and have been reading through these topics for a while, and I’m sure I don’t have the current firmware. So, if this is already possible with the current fireware, that’s awesome. If not, I would like it to be added.

Its not avalible yet. I suggested this the day or day after the last one came out, and I agree it would be really helpful.

Okay. Thanks for the reply.