small problem with Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 1.1.20


sorry for my english is to blame but google translate

So I once found 3 tag the new firmware installed, I am sorry to say that the songs would not be played until the end but simply cut and then moves to next song, which is very harmful

then the other problem I’ve noticed is if you are in the menu, there where music, radio, map, setting, which you can scroll through here no more, but that you have to scroll in music again the whole way back to go at setting in the firmware 1.17 was not so

hope that in the next firmware that is resolved, otherwise the player is simply awesome

greeting and a nice evening you still

If you are referring to a change in the way menus work, it’s possible to change this. Go to Settings > System Settings > Menu Looping > ON.

I don’t see why the player would suddenly not play properly or recognize the ID3 tags, however. Verify your firmware version via Settings > System settings > Info. The installed version will list at the top of the list.

The Zip likes ID3 v 2.3 ISO8859-1 (Latin-I) tags.

I haven’t run into any real problems with the latest virmware build, save the goofball main menu bugs that drive me quite batty (images revert).  You can, if needed, revert to the previous version if it worked better for you.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

oh great now everything goes back, merci for the tip