Small Bugs

Bug 1: When going through system info, when you get to the bottom (the copyright screen) if you press down more than once, you then have to press up two times to see the other information

Bug 2: Sometimes after entering the music main menu, when the play previous option is available, and play all is then clicked, the music will start in the middle of the song where it would have started if play previous was chosen.

Opinion: The music can be too loud even on the lowest setting

let me know if there is a better place to submit bugs.

This is as good place as any here, but you may want to include more information so the problem(s) can be duplicated and thereby worked on and fixed.

  • Rev.# and memory size of player
  • Firmware version #
  • File format of music (.mp3, .wma, .ogg, .flac)
  • Bit-rate of file (kbps)
  • Any other special circumstances that are present when the errant behavior happens (certain or combination of button presses, just after back-light comes on, only if . . .), things like that.

This info will help confirm the situation as others will chime in and say, “Me too”, which will help get the attention of the people whose job it is to fix these things. They can then see if the problem can be duplicated on their test machines, so that they can then work on fixing it. :wink:

@pennstate53 wrote:


Opinion: The music can be too loud even on the lowest setting



Sounds like you may still have the early firmware on your player.  SanDisk enabled more gain steps on the low end of the scale, as many users noted this issue last year.  Go to Settings > Info and check the installed firmware version on your Clip.

Updating your firmware is simple, either via the Sansa Updater, or manually.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: