Slows and stops while playing a book


I use it most for audiobooks.  when in the middle of a book, I pause, shut down and come back latter.  When I get back to the book if it is more than 1/2 finished, the unit will not engage the sound, the wording (name of book) that scrolls by will be really slow, and it will take over 3 to 5 minents to start the sound if at all. sometime the unit will just shut down and start the book over from the begianing, if it works at all.  What can I do to fix this?  I have tried to remove all books and reload fresh.  the battery is fully charged and books were loaded without a dissturbence.  My clip 4 gig is about a year old.  any help I wll be greatfull for.


Might be your individual files are too large.

What types of files are these? Audiobook files might be mp3, wma, protected wma, Audible, or perhaps some other format? What bitrate are the files at? How large are the files? I guess audiobooks might be separated into half an hour long or one hour long files, although sometimes some try to fit a whole book in a small number of files, or even just one file.