slow to load on a single album

im slowly filing up my clip+ 8gb i notice that one particular album it slows to load. frankly it hangs till it loads, cant push,  press, even turn off. well not until it loads the song, about a 30sec of silence. 

no takers?

Check that 1 album for:

  1. Format of file. Is it a supported type?
  2. Correct format (ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1) of ID3 tag
  3. Comments field of tag loaded up with garbage. Blank out everything.
  4. Ginormous album art embedded in ID3 tag.
  5. Strange or foreign characters in tag fields.
  6. Corrupt file (use ChkDsk).
  7. Could just be a bad rip. Try re-ripping.

Obviously this album differs from your other ones in some way. Without knowing more details, it’s hard to suggest anything or guess at what it might be.

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ok i re loaded the album but stil the same. how do i blank the id tag and how do i know what version it is? is that the meta data on the properties of the song?  and how to delete album art. this the first time ive encountered this “problem” on any player so far

For checking/editing/adding your ID3 tags, a good editor:  MP3Tag.

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