Slow title "scrolling"

Because of the small display size the clip has to scroll title names in most cases. my problem ist that it takes ages because of the slooooow scrolling speed.

Is there a hidden option to speed it up? 

I don’t believe so.  It would be nice if a firmware upgrade would handle this (either speed the text up, or allow the user to change the speed).

Maybe if you hold the Clip while rapidly shuffling your feet on the carpet?

I vote for a faster scroll!!  It is too slow indeed. 

Bob  (waiting for the   t i t l e  t o  s c r o l l …)  :angry:  

I never know which part my podcast is the one i wanne hear. They all start with “intermediate japanese…” and THEN comes the number :) 

Please give us an option to speed it up. 

I don’t know who might actually READ that slowly.  The ticker needs to be faster in my estimation.

Bob  :smiley: