Slow skipping between tracks with artwork attached


I just bought a sansa clip+ and have found (after a lot of trial and error!) that tracks which contain album artwork in the tags are a lot slower to skip to (1.5-2 seconds) than those without (almost instant) - i found this quite irritating when trying to skip through multiple tracks…

Personally i don’t use the album art feature on my PC so i stripped them from all my mp3s using mp3tag - this has solved the problem, but obviously adds an extra step i’d rather avoid if possible.

Is this issue known? is there a solution? could a solution be featured in any future firmware update? (currently running latest v01.02.09)



The Clip+ shares many intricacies with its bigger-display sister, the Fuze.  If you are having issues with album art, check that the art is no bigger than 300 x 300.  All of my music files have embedded art, as I use my music files on various Sansa models.

Track loading is atomic fast on the Clip+ with all of my art intact.  There must be something going on with some of your images.  Though the Clip+ ignores the art, I haven’t had any issues with this data, either with the initial release FW or the latest update.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

that’s interesting… certainly the slowest loading album has really big (1400x1400 odd) artwork, but one with 475x475 was very noticeable too - i stripped out most of the other tags alongside the artwork, so i’ll do some experiments to check whether the artwork is the sole cause… 

I haven’t really noticed a problem and most (if not all) my music has artwork.  Most of it is auto tagged in mediamonkey from amazon so while the artwork isn’t huge it’s over 300x300.  Are they big files?  (other than dimensions I mean)