Slow SanDisk Extreme


I recently upgraded my PC with a new ASUS P8Z77-V LX motherboard and a INTEL i5-3570K cpu and 16gb of ram. I did a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit on the SSD and ran a benchmark. It doesn’t seem to be preforming as well as it should?

Does anyone know what I may have done wrong?


I think I have found out what has caused the 31K - BAD message.

I had originally used a free peice of software to migrate my OS from my old HDD to my new SSD and its seems this software didn’t align the SSD correctly.

It looks like I may have to re-partition and format my SSD again to fix this? or is there any easier way to do this?

Also is this likely to be the cause of my SSD’s poor performance?

I use a program called Paragon Aligment Tool 4.0 to fix the 31k bad error and it’s made a big improvement. Is there anything else I should do or need to do?


Your scores for AS-SSD look about correct for your drive.