slow playback

I used to have a sansa e280 but it froze up one day,fortunately I bought the service plan with it.  When I went to the store to get a new one they did’nt have any more in stock so they gave me a sansa fuze (8gb),okay fine.  One problem though, I transfer my mp3’s the exact same way using windows media player, but some of the songs are really slow playback on the fuze,they sounded great on my e280 and on the computer.  I never had to do any kind of conversion or anything on my e280 just sync in wmp and that was it.

any ideas???

Run the offending MP3’s through CDex, converting them into MP3’s of the same bitrate, and try those on your Fuze.  Might lose a tiny bit of quality, but the songs should play fine after that.  Always worked for me, anyway.

CDex is freeware and very easy to use.  It should even leave your ID3 tags intact.

That is bizarre indeed.  Re-ripping the troublesome tracks should solve the issue.

Be sure to delete the bad tracks from the player first, simply by using the delete song function on the Fuze, or from the PC when connected.

Are all of your tracks at the same bit rate?  Check your settings, as the “slow” ones may have been set differently.

Send the new tracks to your Fuze, and see if they sound normal again.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny! Exact same thing happened to me!

It’s just murphy’s law that it seemed to pick all my favorite blink 182 tracks and stuff, but then I realized that it was because the CDs I ripped them from were often-used and thus worn down. Also, I ripped them with very 3rd party software *express rip* and it didn’t digitally fix the imperfections in the same manor that WMP, WinAmp, etc. will, and the Fuze just happens to be more picky about that kindof thing.

Re-ripped them with WinAmp and it all flies perfectly.

I don’t have any songs on cd’s.  They are all songs that I’ve downloaded.  Never had any problems with my old e280

The Fuze processor and firmware is quite different from the E280, especially the E280v1.  A lot of people have reported this problem.

If all your songs are downloaded then converting with CDex (or another copnverter) might be your best and simplest option.