Slow Charging Time

Any ideas why the Sansa Fuze+ takes a long time to charge? 5 Hours for Full Charge?

Slow charging time means the usb port is putting out a small amount of power. If you are using a desktop pc, use a rear usb port as the front ones are typically low power. If you are using a notebook pc, then plug the notebook into AC power before you start charging the player. For the fastest charging, use an AC usb adapter that is rated at 1 AMP output(1,000 ma). Most AC usb adapters only put out around 500 ma though.

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Cheers, will do.

I charge my new Fuze+ with a 1000mA wall charger.

The battery icon continues to cycle no matter how long the unit is plugged in.

If I disconnect the power and immediately plug it back in, the icon changes to a full battery with a lightning bolt.

It’s updated to the latest firmware: 02.36.03.

1.)  Is this just a bug in the software, that it’s not sensing when the battery is full?

2.) How long should it take to charge fully?

3.) When it’s plugged in to the wall the unit powers on and cannot be turned off. Is that normal?

Thank you.

seems to be a bug my fuze+ does the same thing.

3 to 4 hours for a full charge

yes that is normal. 

This is a rather slow charging time compared to other devices?

EDIT: Also, battery life rarely lasts 24 hours even with brightness set halfway down.

I just bought a Fuze+ 4 GB… updated it to the latest FW, loaded gobs of music on it, used it and was pretty pleased.  Except…

I’m going away for the weekend and noticed the battery was down more than halfway.  Plugged it in to every single USB port on 3 differnt computers and a powered hub and NONE of them would give me the charging indication.  So I read everything I could about this isseue and went out to Best Buy and picked up a 2 Amp Dynex wall charger and plugged it in.  Got the battery charging indication but after 3 hours the charge on the battery is less than it was when I started.

I have a nice (but old and small) e250.  Plugged it in and in 2 hours I went from red to 75% and now the Fuze has dropped to about 1/3.  I’m ready to send it back unless you can help me.  It’s obviouly not charging regardless of what that icon shows.