SlotRadio players work but are not recognized by computer.

I recently acquired two slotRadio players that work fine, except that they are not in any way recognized by my Mac when connected to a USB port. I got them as part of a lot of various Sansa players and the seller had said that they “Cannot Connect to PC”, so it’s not a Mac problem. (I also have XNJB for MTP connections. Neither that, the Finder, the Terminal nor System Profiler recognize them in any way.)

However, the players, when physically connected, show an animation that indicates an active connection.

  1. Can anything be tried to get a computer to recognize these?

  2. Aside from firmware upgrades, is there anything important that can’t be done by just moving the microSD[HC] card between the computer and the player?

one thing is to make sure you ahve a card in the player when you connect it otherwise it will not mount on MAC. other than that not much you can try. no need to ever connect this device to the computer for anything other than firmware upgrade which can be done by connecting the card by other means. 

They are not recognized by my Mac in any way, with or without a microSD card. I really have no use for these and I was planning to sell them, but I’m trying to figure out if I have to describe them as defective in this way. I guess I’ll try them on a friend’s Windows PC.