SlotRadio not working

I just got my slot radio.  Took it out of the box and plugged it in.  I have the battery picture on the screen so I know it is charging, however, it won’t turn on.  I tried the switch to Play but that didn’t work.  I put the card in but that still didn’t allow it to turn on.  I have shut the switch to off numerous times to reset it but nothing happens when I turn it in.  Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it?

Just picked one of these up the other day and I am not having the same issue as you. When the slotradio is connected to the charger and the player is in the off position does your battery icon have a lightning bolt beside it and is the battery icon animated moving from empty to full? Also while it is connected if you turn the player on (with a card inserted) will it open the menu so you can listen to music? also have you tried connecting the player to the computer using the USB cable? If the charger is bad the player should still charge when connected to the computer.  

I had it plugged into the charger for hours…saw the battery screen with the bolt and it showed it was charging…when i plug it in it shos the sansa logo with the flower (?) icon before the battery screen…also plugged it into the computer today…that did not help…it still would not play either the music card or the radio (yes, I had it in the on position with the earplugs in)…I am beginning to suspect the problem is with the actual on/off switch…it slides, but maybe it is not making the contact it needs to make internally…whaddaya think?

it sounds like it is a bad player. could be a battery problem or a problem with the switch. at any rate it will most likely need to be replaced.

I just bought my slotradio player yesterday and I am having the same problem.I have charged it for hours.The radio works fine so I know there’s not a problem with the battery.I just can’t get the slotradio player to work.I keep putting the card in,turning it on,and all I get is a screen that shows a gray card with a big “X” on it.

Boy,do I feel dumb :)  It wasn’t working because I didn’t put the card all the way in! Ha ha…It is now working fine.

Glad to hear :slight_smile: enjoy! it’s a great little player.