SlotRadio card won't play in Fuze+

Just bought both brand new.  The player ‘loads’ the (rock) card and reports all areas ‘empty’ (I’d even be ok with that part).  But then it wont play anything off the card, and either reverts to another function, or just reboots, or couple times when I hit backarrow, it might screen words (‘80s’ or ‘90s’) for a sec, but then a popup says ‘unsupported file type’, and then it reboots.  Do I have a bad card, or what?  Was I supposed to get a slotradio+ card?  What can I do.

On your player, sweep over to Settings , then select Info.  If your firmware version isn’t 01.32.00, I’d recommend updating your firmware.

Here’s the link and instructions.  You can also update using the Sansa Updater mentioned in the firmware thread.

BE SURE to remove the SlotRadio card, or any other microSD card, while updating the firmware.


The only difference with a slotRadio+ card is that the card has free space for you own music.


Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

 I did have to update manually,  but the slotRadio is now playing as advertised.   Thanks Bob! for the helpful post. 

The latest firmware update 02.36.03 addresses this issue.

Now you can enjoy some tunes!  The SR cards are fun.