Slotradio card and USB mode

Hi to the boards,

I use the + and a Fuze and tested a slotradio card prior to selling the card and it worked fine but doesn’t on the buyers +.  Is it possible some formatting code’s embedded by my USB mode for my Mac that causes the Sansa + (used on a PC with its USB mode) to freeze?



Hi Stp, I got nothing on top of my head for this but were you able to find a way to get this set up so far?

I’d suggest calling 1-866-SANDISK and asking if Slotradio cards can be resold.This is just a user forum.

I doubt it’s a PC/Mac thing. USB Mode is how music goes on and off the Sansa–has nothing to do with the slot. 

But it may well be that the Slotradio card is somehow coded to work only with its first unit, or a limited number of units.