SlotRadio Ad to Fund Music In Schools

[wasn’t sure where to post this… it’s an ad for Slot Radio but he’s holding a Fuze]

I was going to post the photo, took with my cell phone, but here’s the ad

I saw this when I was waiting at a doctors office.  It’s not that old of an ad though.  Decmeber 7, 2009.  In Peple Magazine. 

I’ve seen a commercial on TV for this about 3 times since the first of the year.

Me Too. I actually bought 4 of the Joe Perry Cards. I am a huge Joe Perry, So 1 for me. Then my cousins both got Fuzes for Christmas and when I helped them upload the New Firmware they asked about the Slotradio Icon so I figured I would give them a reason to use it. Then I got me one of those fancy clip+ doohickeys and thought I would use the last one in that.