SlotRadio: 1000 DIFFERENT songs?

My Rock SlotRadio card has 7 playlists, but I notice some songs are on multiple playlists. That got me to wondering… is the “1000 songs” that’s claimed truly 1000 DIFFERENT songs, or just a total of 1000 songs between 7 playlists?

Shouldn’t this be posted in the SlotRadio board?

And yes, it’s 1000 individual songs but there is some over-lap between playlists.

here is a post that explains slotradio cards and the function of the playlists.

slotradio explanation 

I was going to post on the SlotRadio board but I saw that this group was much more heavily trafficked. I realize it’s a breach of netiquette to do so, but I was afraid my question would get lost. I promise any future posts will be in the proper forum.

For what it’s worth, I do own a Clip+.  :)

Excellent resource, thanks!