i have plugged in my slotmusic card into my Fuze and all is working fine except some songs “skip”.  If I adjust the volume the skipping stops for a few seconds then starts again.  I’ll have to forward to the next song.  Some songs do it, some don’t.  My player is in good shape and it doesn’t seem to matter what the battery charge level is.  Is my card bad? (just bought it).

Yes, it sounds like you have a bad card.

Backup your the music on your slotmusic card. Then format the card on your computer, and check if the songs are also skipping on the computer. If the songs works fine then load them back on the card. Check if its now working on the player. If same thing more likely that the song is corrupted or you just have a bad card.

slotMusic card is a read writeable microSD card that comes pre-loaded with music. You can actually move the preloaded songs from the card to the internal memory and see if they play properly. Unlike with the SlotRadio cards, you will be able to access the preloaded songs on SlotMusic cards and copy them or delete them.

Thank you for the input.  I’ll give your ideas a try