Slot Radio? Why not 16GB Fuze?

It seems to me that a 16GB Fuze would have made more sense than the SlotRadio player. The SlotRadio cards, with their 1,000 songs, that’s fine…it will work on Fuze, SlotMusic, etc…but are they really selling any SR players? I think the demand would be much higher for a 16GB Fuze.

It’s hard to know what and/or who influences or ultimately makes these decisions in a huge company like SanDisk . . . or why. Just look at what’s happening with GM right now. For decades, they’ve been behind the 8-Ball, letting the (mostly Japanese) imports run all over them and in denial that the American people actually want cars with better gas mileage, higher quality and reliability . . . and all for less money! Just how blind does 1 CEO or Board of Directors need to be to where they can’t see this after just a year or two of declining sales and slipping market share. But decades?

Plain 'ol stubborness is all I can surmise. I use to own & drive nothing but GM cars. You couldn’t give me a Ford, Chrysler, or heaven forbid, one of those cheap, cheesy imports. My tune has since changed 180 degrees.

Maybe the SlotRadio is a short-term ‘cash cow’ product like the SlotMusic player in that it’s very cheap to produce with a huge mark-up, or it’s only existence is to sell the even more profitable memory cards? I haven’t heard any rumors and am only speculating, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the 32GB SDHC card AND a 32GB Fuze released for the 4th Quarter Christmas season this year.

In the meantime, all we can do is shake our heads & wonder at some of these products coming out of the same company that has scored so big with their previous ‘high-end’ products.

I will say this though, they (SanDsk) had better get on the ball and figure out the problem with all these Rev.2 Fuzes hitting the market recently and fast! Problems out of the box like the heavily-posted about ‘white screen of death’ that has no ‘fix’ (as yet) will send people running to Apple or another competitor’s product PDQ. And very few of these customers/users wil ever trust or try a SanDisk produact again.

An old saying is still true, “A happy customer will tell 1 person about their experience; an un-happy one will tell 10 people!” Except with the Internet and it’s blogs and sites like yelp, etc. it’s more like 10,000 people instead of 10! But that 1 happy customer is not using the net to share so he or she is still only telling 1 other about their positive experience.

Just look at how many complaints we see on this forum in relationship to how many people who bother to register just to say how happy they are with their new toy. :wink:

i want a 32gb fuze and some 320gb video player with a screen the size of the psp but without the huge case around the screen i do like the idea of slotRadio so long as it will work with my 8gb fuze so long as they have techno.