Slight moisture fried out my Clip +

Got caught in a soft shower while finishing mowing the lawn. Long story short, player no doubt got wet (but not massively) and I heard it skip during a tune and then shut down only to not come up again since. When charging, device isn’t recognized and all power remains ‘dark’. What are the chances of this drying out and becoming operable again? 

Does SanDisk offer a skin to prevent (or at least minimize) this from happening?

Men to the moon but no waterproof mp3 player? C’mon!! lol:smiley:



You could take the Clip+ on a trip to the moon, but it does not have proper shielding for cosmic rays.  Come to think of it, I don’t either. The Apollo astronauts reported experiencing little flashes when their eyes were closed, later discovered to be cosmic rays affecting the optic nerves.

Moisture is a different issue.  SanDisk improved the players with a fine seal around the processor, as the device has 100 pins under a 1 cm chip!  The problem is that the rest of the circuitry is susceptible to offending droplets.  Place the little guy in a small bag filled with dry rice, a very handy household item that has an amazing affinity for water.  The Clip will dry out rapidly if left in this bag for a day or so.

Then, plug in  and allow the device to charge before using.  The charging process liberates a bit of internal heat that completes the drying process.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the input Bob.

Seeing as I don’t have any dry ice readily available (and wouldn’t know where to get it anyway seeing as there are no mad scientists on my block as far as I know), I’m going to try to let it dry out on its own and hope for the best.

Thanks again.

Not dry ice, though with preparation, it could be used, but rice.  The little white grains that we cook in a steamer.

Dry ice is a good source of CO2, which can be used as it is very dry indeed.  The cold is a bigger problem, as the internal battery doesn’t fare well if frozen.  If the Clip is cold, you have to worry about condensation as it warms up again.

Place the Clip, in its bag of rice, in a dry and warm location.  I like placing the little guys on a warm window sill.  My daughters have drenched their Clips quite a few times, and they have bounced back!

Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

And the dry rice or other dessicant is fine, but not mandatory–just let the player dry out thoroughly, for some days (many), not just a few hours.   These little guys have a good record of coming back to life after that.  Good luck!

Does sweat cause this condition too? Mine went out after a 1/2 hoyur work out, seems like that defeats the prupose of having this device, tempted to return it, since jsut got it last week.

One could seal the player in a small ziploc bag, with the bag sealed against the emerging earphone cord. Operating the player while inside a plastic bag should be easy enough. If I expect it to rain, I carry a small ziplock plastic bag with me.