Sleep timer problems

Anyone else had problems with the sleep time.(2.36.03)

I listen to a lot of 1/2hour podcasts/radio shows as i’m going to sleep.

I may have several to listen to so I don’t want to wake up in the middle of episode 3 so I use the sleep timer.

I select 30 minutes which should be fine.

However I’ve found it seems to be turning off after 15 minutes.

I know this because when I switch back on it resumes at the 15 minute mark.

(any plans to have the sleep timer displaying how many minutes it’s got left to run??)

p.s. I’ve not tried it with anything other then 30 min

i just tested mine and it turned off after exactly 30 mins. check it while you are awake it may just be related to the resume point. let us know.