sleep function for e280R

great player, but

can you please introduce the sleep function in the next firmware

and i completelly agree with file / folder support


Dr. VG, neurosurgeon

I too would love a Sleep Function.  That would be so handy!

I graduated from an iRiver H10 that had a variable sleep timer.  A great feature that helps extend battery life.  I would like to see this feature added to the e280.

I concur; a sleep function would be nice. Not everyone buys an MP3 player to listen to music. I use mine for audio books. Some chapters are hours long, pausing the player, having it sleep, then resume at the location were you left of would make the e280r almost perfect.

I agree with you. I occasionally like to listen to the nature soundtracks before falling asleep, but I really don’t need them playing all night long. Definately don’t need my player’s battery dying every single night either.

It could double as a timer as well. Sometimes I can only spend about 30 mins of a break listening to music or listening to an audio book. So if the sleep timer activated I would realize I need to get back to work, but then would still remember the spot I left off.

You can install Rockbox and get a sleep timer.

It is hard to imagine a current generation MP3 player w/o a sleep function.   If I return the e280 I just got, this would be the #1 reason.

From the discussion of Rockbox, it appear that the bootloader (setup) for Sansa Rockbox is currently broken as of 9/28/2007 (dualboot not working as installed so it is harder to transfer music).  I will probably wait until the dualboot problem is resolved.

I totally agree with the suggestion.

When I bought the Sansa e280, I thought that the auto shut-off was a sleep timer. I tried it several times, and of course, it was not working. I am really disappointed about this aspect, as my last mp3 player (i-river) had this function.

Personally, this is a big negative point for this player.