skips in mid track

I’ve had this Sansa Fuze for about 20 months without issues.  Today while listening, it would (at different intervals) skip to the next track before the current track was over.  In case I was accidently clicking the next button, I locked the Fuze…didn’t help. 

I’m not sure if this is a known issue, but is there anything I can do?

Not a familiar issue. Could be corrupt firmware, so try reloading the firmware manually–not with the updater. Get the “All Regions” link for your version. and install it as explained  here.

It could be corrupted firmware, and/or corrupted songs on the player. Reinstall the firmware, format the player using its menu, and reload your music on it.

Before your responses, I used the standard (non-maunual) process to update the firmware.  No track skipping yesterday.  Hopefully things are fixed.  Thanks.

You might as well uninstall the Updater from your computer. The Fuze has probably had its last update, so the Updater just slows down your startup and wastes time querying your Fuze when you connect it.