Skipping WAV Files


I used Windows Media Player to create a small playlist, then synched to the Fuze.

All the files get added to the Fuze correctly.

Yet, none of the WAV files play. The Fuze skips over them until it comes to a MP3 file. Then I added a FLAC file manually using Drag and Drop in Explorer. That one plays fine. It’s just the WAVs.

Thank you,


I’m having the same issue.  The specs claim to support wav files but none play in varying bit rates and sample rates.  I’ve tried uploading the files MTP and MSC.  I’ve updated the firmware to  2.01.17A.  I even had Best Buy swap it out since I’d tried everything else.  The second performs exactly the same.  The player displays the name but skips every wav file until it comes to an mp3 file.  Obviously I could use any number of programs to convert my files but I would appreciate some simplicity and a product that does what it claims to do.  If no one has found a solution I’ll be happy to exchange it for a different player.

WAV format is minimally supported in the format of the Voice or FM recorder.

My borrowed 2gb Fuze (firmware 2.01.09) reads wav files off a 4gb card fine. There are no other types of files on the card.