Skip to next track does not work after firmware upgrade


I just upgraded my firmware and the wiredest thing happened. I can not skip forward or backward through my podcasts any more. Both, << and >> don’t do anything. Since this is so obvious and nobody else seems to have this problem I’m thinking I would have to try re-installing the upgrade? Or could this be something unique to podcasts? Thanks.

Behold the limitation of the new podcast mode.  Previously, if the forward or reverse button was pressed briefly, or not fully, the device zapped to the next track.

The solution was to disable the skip to next track function while in podcasts.  Pity, as my solution would have been to modify the signal (command) time window with a delay: a brief click would zip 10 seconds, and a longer one would go to the next track, say between 250-500ms.  If the button is held, then FF / REW would be interpreted as the user command.

This set of parameters is fine for me, but it might have been confusing to the average user, so the decision was made to disable the skip.

Thus, it’s easy to go to the next track, simply use the submenu key at the bottom of the wheel, and select the next podcast.  Yes, it’s kind of a roundabout method, but it works.

If you liked the old method, that’s still available if you rename the genre of your desired podcasts to something else.  My Pentagon Channel podcasts are named “blues”.

In normal play, once the Clip reaches the end of the podcast, it will indeed go to the next one automatically, but to do so during a playback, you need to use the submenu function.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Thank you Bob.

Well, I should have checked first what that upgrade would do for me.

So I rolled back to the old firmware.

Thanks again for the info - I thought I was going crazy.