Since people are having to possibly limit the size of the cache, can you partition the rest?

Question is can one add a partition so the rest of the space isn’t wasted, perhaps throw some page file on there?  And if so…how?   I think people were limiting to 16? GB? I forget.

Since version 1.3.2 I also started having the slow performance issue when cache is full.

I repartioned to 16GB and also partitioned and formatted the unused space.

Obviously, keep in mind that when you use the second partition the caching will be less effective.

But are there any way around this? So far, I think this is a common issue. 

Yea unfortunately It just feels like it isn’t doing much when full these days, I rarely see any fast drive throughput in performance monitor once its full, so i’m thinking about partitioning mine:(  I just have to figure out how.