simultaneosly accesing and charging?

Hey there,

as I’m thinking about purchasing either the Clip Sport or Zip product I’ve got one last question before I can decide.

Is it possible to charge the devices via USB while accessing data both on internal and external memory?

You can access the contents via your computer while the computer is charging the player via USB, but the Clip itself can’t play while it’s connected to your computer (but you can play the Clip’s contents via music playing software on your computer).

One addition:  that’s with a normal USB cable.  If you use a charge-only USB cable, the Clip can play while it is being charged by your computer (but then your computer can’t access the player’s contents, using the charge-only USB cable).

Depends on what you mean by “accessing”.

“Accessing” like adding or removing content while connected to your computer to charge? Yes.

“Access” like playing the content through the headphone jack? Not while connected via the normal cable provided, but as mentioned a special “charge only” cable, yes.

“Access” to play content through the headphone jacck while connected to an AC-USB charger? Yes.

Thanks, that answers my question exactly. (It was about accessing via USB.)

Cool!   :slight_smile: