Simple request for the Next Firmware release.


Can you please put an Option to view ALL SONG’S under an artist.What I mean is that,


                  >All Song’s.

So that I do not have to go through all the album’s if I don’t know the specific album to find a single song.What I think is that this is ESSENTIAL cause sometime’s I have to go through lot’s of album’s.



This would be a convenient feature to have…

Though I wouldn’t be calling it “essential”. 

Choose music, artist, then press the button at 6 oclock and choose back to song list. The only problem with this is that the list isn’t in alphabetic order. They are in the order they are in the albums.

Choose music, artist, play all, then press the button at 6 oclock, and choose back to song list.

That works perfectly well for me.  I would very rarely need to navigate this way, I don’t feel it would be better to do it the way that was suggested by the OP, this is not necessarily intuitive, but works fine.