simple camera suggestion

add a camera to the view/e200 series. sounds a little redundant since most phones have them now as well, but i think it’d be great to be able to clip photos from a mp3 player. i’d prolly use it more than my actual camera, as long as i could continue listening to what ever i was listening to, the photos could be added and accessed thru the picture library, and it didn’t add any additional size to the device. the view is kinda pushing it as far as size limits go already.

hmm… maybe even make one as an accessory that you can just connect to the charger port then it could be used for multiple devices and not add any additional perminant size to the device.

i like this idea.  specialy the part of attaching it to the charging port.  if tey could do tht then they could make other attachments for it too. like somthing wherer you can add songs to you sansa wirelessly. ( with out yahoo music.) tht would be cool.

really good idea