Simple Batch File for Playlist of Genre Folders

Are you organizing folders (with subfolders) on your Clip Sport by Genre?

Then maybe try this idea and see if you can make it work for your needs.

  1. Create a “Genre1” Folder inside the Music Folder.   The Genre1 Folder can have many other subfolders inside.

          (I am using “Genre1” as a simple example name here.)

  1. Use Windows Notepad to create this 1-line textfile (as Genre.bat) inside the Genre1 Folder.

         dir /o:n /s /b *.mp3 *.wma *.wav> Genre.m3u

  1. Use Windows File Explorer to double-click on the Genre.bat file.

        Then change the name of the new Genre.m3u file to the name of your Genre1 Folder (such as Disco.m3u).

  1. Use Music play mode or Card play mode to select your new Playlist. (Folder mode does not use Playlists.)


If you decide to use this method for multiple Genre folder collections, make sure to change the name of the m3u files so it matches the name of each genre folder collection.

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If I understand correctly, this line only gets  mp3 , wma and wav files. Shouldn’t this also include \ *.m4a *.ogg and \ *.flac? Maybe even \ *.aa and  *.aax  for grouping books. 
Just pointing it out for others if they have a problem with not all files being collected.

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Now you can download a working copy of my favorite Playlist Batch File Command [text file] at this weblink (to my Google Drive).


Now you can download a working copy of my favorite Playlist Batch File Command [text file] at this weblink (to my Google Drive)


The following text is the contents of MyPlaylist.bat 

dir /o:n /s /b *.mp3 *.wma *.wav *.m4a *.ogg *.flac> Playlist.m3u

The problem with this batch file is that the file paths are absolute instead of relative. For instance when my clip is connected to my PC, the device shows up as drive H, and each line in the M3U file consists of the full absolute path to each file inside Windows. How do you make the paths relative?

Further, there are character encoding issues. The Windows batch command really screws up any non-Western text characters.

I just used a program called MP3Tag, which also does a fine job of organizing your meta tags, to create a working playlist.

Excellent choice of software. Congratulations on resolving your question.

Playlists are the easiest and best way to play a collection of subfolders.

BTW, I think the SanDisk players ignore the absolute drive letter in the m3u text lines.