Similarities between the Clip and Clip+


I was wondering what the similarities (and differences) are between the Clip and Clip+.

For example, does one outperform the other in terms of SQ, etc …


Night & day difference. The only similarity is the size/shape and the fact they both have a clip on the back.

There are plenty of articles, posts, etc. both here and on other forums & internet pages that will describe the features of each. Both products are long discontinued at this point, but the info on them is still out there.

The Clip V2 and Clip+ are nearly identical hardware internally but the plus adds an sd card slot.

The Clip V1 is based on an older processor.  It has a little worse battery life but is otherwise very similar.  

You also may want to take a look at the user manuals for the 2 players, available here on the forum (see the sticky threads at the top of the Clip/Clip+ forum).

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