Silly GEEKY Girl who likes FEATURES

Ok I know I am a techy g33k  I am 33 been playing with MP3’s since they first came out how many years ago??? However, I am also a chick who likes silly splash screens that say things like Welcome Bridie or a changable background/desktop

Since this would only be a FIRMWARE modification, anyone know if they have plans for this???

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doubt it

I would like to know why you doubt it. Women tend to like pretty things. Fortuneatly I prefer power and useability over cuteness. However it would make it so that my kids would ask for this instead of the i-pod; which  I refuse to buy out of sheer principal.

I mean they come in “flavors” for colours which is what the kids want. However, they are not user manage able aka batteries and memory are static.

It would be a nice thing is all. I figured posting that here might help show others are interested in the sleekness and in cuteness.

because the sansa connect has reached its end of life, I dont think any more updates are gonna be comming out for it. They did not sell very well at all. Although, it should be noted, I love mine.

Well, This is just sad. I am shocked. Of course I never heard of the connect till last month, and when I started researching cost vs size vs features this was by far the best option followed by great support.

This just bites!!! End of the line meaning  they will d/c this device. So, so sad!!!

I would love to see Gen2 of this device!!! They have a great way to shake up i-pod and Zune.

the numbers tell a different story.

In this case Yahoo is dropping the ball.  They have a perfect player to integrate with their ToGo service and they’re not offering discount/rebates.

The icing for Y! is the merging of tens of thousands of MusicMatch customers that are being converted over to YMJ.

Last week, BestBuy/Rhapsody and Sandisk were offering 1 year free ToGo with the View, while the Connect sells for a palsy $80.

Y! What Are You Waiting For? :angry:

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How do you operate this thing!

I love Sansas but I’ve always thought they were a little lacking with graphics.  For example, I think every MP3 player which supports album art should have some way of displaying the album art using as much of the screen as possible.  The Sansa Connect has a beautiful screen and it’s sad that they don’t have this feature (which is one thing that the iPod and especially the Zune do really well).