Shuts down


New user. I just bought the 2gb  Sansa Clip. I wanted to use the voice record feature regularly. It was going fine, the sound recording was better than I expectd.  I wanted to transfer the files to iTunes on my Mac, which wasn’t working. In the process I ended up with this message on the unit:

“Connect device and recover corrupted FAT.”

Then it shuts down. I tried everything I know how, including reformatting MS-DOS FAT(32), but no joy. When disconnected the thing still displays the same message when I power on, then it shuts itself off.

When connected, it still displays the Connected message and motion graphics.

Is there a cure for this problem?

BTW, I have a slot loader which will not accept the miniature CD that came in the package … I’m not even going to try, it’ll get stuck in there for sure.


Ken N.