Shuts Down on Podcasts

I’ve noted that two of my Fuzes (one a refurb, one not) have this weird tendency to shut down by themselves.  However, they only do it on podcasts, and never on music (thank goodness).  It’s annoying, but not a deal breaker.

Is this a common issue?

What formats are these podcasts in? I have never experienced this. Are all the problematic podcasts from the same place? What format, bitrate, and sampling rate are these files? Do they play okay on your pc? Are you sure the battery still has plenty of power when it shuts down? Can you restart the player and play other files after that?

They’re .mp3.  They play fine on  my phone and computer.  It’s just been on a couple of Fuzes that I noted this odd behaviour.  My battery is never in the lower half of life, so definitely have power.  All I do is turn it back on and it works fine until the next time it shuts down.  Weird.

I’d guess it’s tags. Run them through mp3tag to make them ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 --in Options under Write–and make sure there aren’t super-long titles, foreign characters, huge Comments, etc. The Fuze is too picky about tags.