Shuffle same-named folders on internal and external space (clip+)


I have a questions regarding the “Folder” replay: if have a folder on the internal and the microsd-external space, both are named “charts”. Is there any possibility to shuffel these 2 same-named folders? There are also some other folders that I not want to be included, so I could not just use the option “play all”. Neither do I want to use replay by id3tag because mine are always messed up and would be a lot of work to tag every file proper.

Thanks for help


If you use the Folder navigations, then you can choose one “Charts” folder or the other, but not both. You can either re-arrange your music to free up space in one of the memory locations (internal or card) so you can combine all the music into one “Charts” folder, or make a playlist for these 2 folders only.

Ok it was just an example of what I’m about to do. Think the Playlist feature will be the only chance for me.

Or is it possible to create some sort of “links” to point from the internal to the external drive? Eg a link to c:\chart\ to include in the internal space. Does the external card has any hard drive letter or so?

Thanks again

I haven’t played with playlists much.

If the ID3 tags are already all screwed up, I’d use the MP3tag utility to change the Genre tag to “Charts” on both internal and external memory, then you’d just navigate to Genre->Charts and play all.  It’s probably not an option if your tags are pristine and you don’t want to ruin them, but it’s really quick & easy to do with MP3tag. 

I think even Windows Explorer (XP/Vista) can change the Genre field in batch (select all “charts” music files, right-click Properties, Summary tab (advanced), edit Genre field to “Charts”, OK).  I keep “good” ID3tags on my PC, but edit the ones on my player as needed.

Just another idea that’s really easy if you’re not scared of screwing up the ID3 tags.

This is really a great idea. Will try it out, but sounds promissing! TY!