Shuffle regular files without playing from Playlists?

This may seem like a dumb question but, let’s say you have some files in the Playlist file that you only want to hear when going to Playlists, that is, you don’t want to hear them in the Shuffle mode - is this possible?  I notice that when I select “Play All”, it plays from every song on the Clip, including from the Playlists.  Reason I’m asking is that I put a recorded program in “Playlists” that is talking instructional material and want to play the song files on Shuffle without the instructional material coming into the mix.  Thanks in advance.

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I think the best bet would be to create a playlist of the songs you want to hear.  Another way would be to change the ID3 tags in one of the supported fields and to play by selecting that.

Good deal, thanks.

I use the free program MP3tag ( to edit my ID3tag info in batches (takes only minutes to do hundreds of files).

For instance, I label the genre field of all my everyday music (70’s/80’s) as “Pop”, my big band stuff as “Jazz” and my audio Bible as “Audio Bible”- then, depending on what I want to listen to, I merely select the appropriate genre, and whether I’m playing on shuffle or not, I don’t have to worry about Bing Crosby or Tommy Dorsey popping up after Deuteronomy, chapter 3 or in after the Rolling Stones!

Since the Clip ignores folders, I’ve found that I can organize things the way I want simply by manipulating the “albumn” and “genre” info in the ID3 tags, without effecting anything else.

I’ll check out that link, thanks for the post & suggestions.