Shuffle by Album?

I’m looking to get my first portable MP3 player and am leaning towards the Clip. However, I was wondering if it has the ability to shuffle by album? By that, I mean pick a random album, play through it in teh normal track order, then pick another album after that.


The short answer? NO! :angry:

If you want the long answer, do a search; there are many discussions on this subject here. :smiley:

I think the long answer will be substantially the same as the sort answer.

Maybe you could find a workaround using playlists, but I doubt it… I can’t really think of any right now.

Thanks for the quick replies. I did try a search, and all I came up with were discussions on track shuffling. I guess I need to work on my search-fu. Thanks again!

I think you can set up Rockbox (3rd-party alternative firmware) to do this, but I didn’t mention it before as it doesn’t work on the FUZE, CLIP, or E200 SERIES V2 units. It’s just not possible with the Sansa original firmware as it is ID3tag-based, not a folder-based heirarchy.

Which makes me ask myself, “Self, why did you mention it now?” :smileyvery-happy:

Actually, being tagged based is what is needed for this. Folders would make no difference. The player should already understand the concept of albums and the albums track order via the tags, it just needs to be a toggle in the settings somewhere.

well… it would be possible if you joined the track together into a long track ( the whole cd ) but the you wouldn’t be able to play individual tracks and the tag info displayed would be messed up